Why Is My Vinyl Siding Buckling?

If you have recently been doing some yard work, playing outside with the kids, or just walking to your car and happen to glance at your home and notice something off about your siding, you may have done the confused puppy head-tilt maneuver. Buckling vinyl siding is an odd looking problem to come across and a very serious problem to ignore. If you see your vinyl siding beginning to buckle, wave, or it is becoming warped, it is time to call your nearest home improvement specialist.

What Causes Vinyl Siding To Buckle?


There Are Many Different Reasons Why Your Vinyl Siding Can Sustain Damage.

There are a number of different possibilities that could be causing your vinyl siding to take a turn for the worst. We have taken the time to explain the most common causes of vinyl siding buckling.


Like many people in the United States, the Superbowl, the fourth of July, or a celebration of any kind often calls for a good old barbeque cooked on an outdoor grill. If your grill is located near the siding of your home, you could be creating a major problem. Heat bearing down on your siding can cause the vinyl material to become soft, resulting in the warping or buckling that you notice. It is always safer to use your grill away from the siding of your home, to avoid this from happening.

Another cause of buckling from heat can be from a gas furnace inside of your home. It is highly recommended that you get your gas furnace serviced every year to make sure that everything is working properly and that it has open air flow and clear ventilation. Poor airflow or blocked ventilation can cause your gas furnace to overheat, which results in your walls heating up. When this happens, your vinyl siding can take the hit and begin to buckle as a result.

Water Damage

If you notice buckling along with dark spots on your vinyl siding, this is a sign that there is water damage to your siding. This can come from a leak inside the home from a broken pipe, your siding becoming affected by the elements (especially if you have experienced a lot of rain,) or that mold and mildew have been growing on your siding. If it is mold and mildew affecting the health of your siding, it is important to invest in a power washing surface to help clear it away, to avoid any further damage.

Building Movement

Houses settle overtime, which can cause some strain on your siding as it tries to adjust with the new position of your home. If this is the case, then the repairs should be fairly simple.

Insect Infestation


Termites Are A Cause For Alarm And Should Be Handled Quickly.

No one likes to think of their home becoming a playground or housing development for insects, but it is a possibility. If you suspect your home is being invaded by termites and they are wreaking havoc on your vinyl siding, there is a way to check. If you take a screwdriver and press it into your vinyl siding, and the material easily gives way, then it means that the termites have been making a snack out of your home. It is extremely important that you call an exterminator to evict them from your property.

Poor Siding Installation

If you did a DIY project to install your siding or the team of home improvement specialists that installed your siding made some mistakes, this can come back to cause some problems. Gaps in siding can cause water to be able to escape into your siding, which causes it to weaken and buckle. It is important to hire a professional team to install your siding, or if you are deciding to do it by yourself, at least get someone that knows what they are doing to help you.

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How Much Does It Cost To Fix Siding On A House?

The cost to fix your siding changes depending on the materials used to side your home, how much of the siding needs to be fixed or replaced, and how long it takes. Most home improvement companies will have financing available to help you cover the cost of the repairs, without putting yourself into a financial hole.

How Do You Replace Damaged Siding?

Damaged vinyl siding is best repaired or replaced by an expert team of roofers or home improvement specialists, and not done on your own. There are several reasons for this. The first reason is that you can cancel out your own warranty if you damage the vinyl siding further by trying to fix it. Secondly, just because you think you fixed the problem, doesn’t mean that you actually did. It is best to get an inspection done on your siding to make sure that all the problems have been taken care of. Thirdly, while repairing one part of your siding, you could accidentally break another portion, just making your fix more problematic.

For those who are still convinced that they would rather do the job themselves, here are some DIY tricks, that may help you avoid a bigger problem.

DIY Fix Steps

  1. Unlock the siding with a zip tool
  2. Patch the damaged area

That is basically all there is to it. Just keep in mind that while it may sound simple, depending on the damage to your vinyl, it could be difficult to work with or even patch up correctly. It is best to call an expert team to ensure that your siding is patched correctly and that there are no further damages.

Do You Fix Holes In Siding?

If the neighbor’s kid or even the crazy dog across the street ran into your home and knocked a hole in the siding, then this would be another cause for an emergency fix. Holes can be treated like any other damage to your siding, and the repair is nearly identical. Expert Roofing can help you not only fix the hole but also ensure that no damage was done to the interior structure of your home.

Siding Repair and Installation


Call Today To Get Your Estimate For Your Vinyl Siding Repair.

Whenever you are faced with a siding repair problem or are looking for new siding to go onto your home, make sure you call an expert team to help you do it. Trying to do it on your own can lead to even further expenses, which in the long run, just isn’t worth it. Give yourself a peace of mind and call the company that specializes in siding repair and installation in Crystal Lake and Schaumburg, IL at (877) 766-3341.