Roof Damage Insurance Claims

Roof Insurance Claim

Our Inspectors Can Find Damage that Adjusters May Miss.

Get the help you need for your Crystal Lake and Schaumburg, IL roof insurance claim! Dealing with the possibility of filing roof damage insurance claims can be overwhelming and disconcerting. This process can be trying and tough, leading you to examine any and all damage before you file to make sure it is worth the concern. Damage done to your residence by hail and storms can be unrepaired for a long period of time, making more damage. At Expert Roofing, we are your roof damage insurance claims specialists. To aid you in assessing your roofing system once the storm has passed, we provide thorough roofing system inspection services. Our roofing contractors enlighten you on your choices for roofing system repair after a complete inspection of your roofing system for all damage. We will advise you on your insurance claim filing and whether the damage is substantial enough to file. Count in your documentation our damage report as part of your filing to assist you with the insurance company.

Of course, we are always on hand to complete repairs and replacement on your roof system. Dial (877) 766-3341 to talk with our experts about your roof damage insurance claims today! As your trusted, community roof contractor, we want you to receive every dollar you are due. Though the insurance company does its own inspection, there is a good possibility we will identify trouble they miss. Call us whenever you endure a serious storm, even when the damage isn't immediately clear. After we perform an inspection, we will remain accessible to guide you throughout the claim procedure.

Process of a Roof Insurance Claim

Roof Insurance Claim

If the Insurance Process Leaves You Anxious, Call Our Team for Help.

Filing a roof insurance claim may become easier when you have a roofing inspection done by a roof company prior to filing. An adjuster inspection will occur when you file, so when you first talk with your insurance company you will schedule the best date. Damage will be investigated and cataloged by the adjuster to uncover the repairs and coverage provided for roof damage insurance claims. Having proof from a roofing contractor’s inspection will let you know all of the current damage prior to the adjuster coming out and works as additional documentation for filing.

The roofing company information and the inspection report should be included in your documentation when you forward it to the adjuster. You may also need to forward any before-and-after pictures you may have regarding your roofing system as visual evidence. When done, your adjuster will use their inspection and write a damage report that is sent to you. They will also grant a first check for your repairs. This may be followed up at a later date or after the roofing system replacement once they get an invoice.

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Roofing contractors from Expert Roofing are certified professionals who help you with your roof damage insurance claims and roofing system repair. From primary inspection to roof repair or replacement, we assist you through every piece of this process. Your requirements and satisfaction are paramount, and because of this we take time to make sure you are fully informed on the roofing process and your needs are met. Let’s begin today! Contact Expert Roofing at (877) 766-3341 for roof insurance claim in Geneva, Addison, and Crystal Lake and Schaumburg, IL or the surrounding area!