Roof Leak Myths- Debunked

While roof leaks can be serious, they are not always money pits that warrant a completely new roof system. Keep yourself protected from overzealous roofers by knowing the reality of roof leak repair.

Our Professionals Will Repair Your Roof Leak Quickly and Conveniently.

Ceiling and Wall Stains

Although they can be, these types of stains are not always caused by roof leaks. Often, they are caused by plumbing issues or air conditioner problems. Rule out these issues before calling a roofer to save yourself some money. Wall stains are not from roofing problems unless they are accompanied by a roof stain. It’s simply not feasible for water to leak down a wall from the roof without coming in contact with the ceiling at some point.

Leak Location

Roof leaks are visible near where the actual leak will be found. Science teaches us that water moves with gravity and water on your roof is no exception. If your ceiling is stained in the kitchen, your leak will not be found in the living room.

Fiberglass Insulation Damage

While roof leaks can cause damage to your insulation by soaking the outer paper layer, causing mold or mildew, the fiberglass composition is almost completely waterproof. This means that even if your roof is leaking directly on top of your fiberglass insulation, it may not be damaged at all.

Missing Material = A New Roof

While in some instances, too much missing material can warrant a replacement, many times, your material can simply be replaced. Shingle, metal, and tile constructs are easily replaced by a professional without the need for an entirely new roofing system.

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