Architectural Shingles Installation

Architectural Shingles

Architectural Shingles Can Create Attractive 3D Patterns in a Roof.

A great advancement for contemporary roofing arrived with the development of the architectural shingle. Completely distinct from standard asphalt shingles, these shingles arrive with many benefits that encompass heightened design possibilities. At Expert Roofing, we advocate for anyone requiring a new roof to strongly consider architectural shingles. Our team supplies masterful installation for these shingles, which gain significant benefits from our service.

If you desire notable efficiency in a roof material, you ought to give intense consideration to the architectural shingle. Also called dimensional, laminate, or composite shingles, this variety has increased strength when compared to standard shingles. To find out additional information in regards to the installation of architectural shingles in Geneva, Addison, and Crystal Lake and Schaumburg, IL, give our team a ring right away at (877) 766-3341.

Why You Should Ponder Architectural Shingles

Architectural Shingles

An Architectural Shingle Can Come in a Wide Variety of Styles and Colors.

A home and homeowner will gain copious advantages from an architectural shingle roof. The fine team members at Expert Roofing do their best to educate patrons of any advantages associated with their elected roofing material. The following positives will appear with the selection of an architectural shingle roof for your house.

Cost: The expense of architectural shingles comes in lower than cedar shake or slate shingles, which makes it relatively cheap for a luxury selection. The more substantial cost when compared to standard shingles gets explained through an architectural shingle’s greater durability. With lower maintenance demands or need for replacement, architectural shingles will offset this added expense across the years.

Durability: Typical roof shingles have just one layer of roofing installed on the underlying wood. Architectural shingle roofing has many layers made from a better formulated, stronger substance. Should you live in a place vulnerable to windstorms, you can breathe easier with architectural shingles’ approval of up to 120 mph.

Appearance: An architectural shingle roof can become customized through an abundant range of options that can mimic slate or cedar shake roofs. The building owner who goes with architectural shingles can also expect less upkeep than required with different roofing materials.

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The selection of materials for your new roof has a broad influence on the total bill. Though not as economical as other choices, an architectural shingle roof possesses reduced maintenance requirements and is less prone to experience damage from the weather. Call us at (877) 766-3341 should you have any additional questions about the advantages that architectural shingles will bring to your home. At Expert Roofing, we represent the expert selection for architectural shingles in Geneva, Addison, and Crystal Lake and Schaumburg, IL.