Siding Installation and Repair

Siding Installation

This Before-and-After Photo Showcases Our Facility with Siding Installation!

Is the deterioration of your home’s siding creating problems in other parts of the house? The siding is a necessary component for the protection and preservation of your structure. Many factors can contribute to the decline of your siding. Severe storms can hurl debris or hail that puncture siding. Your siding may have become vulnerable to water, with rot as the eventual consequence. It can also simply get too old, a common reason for new siding installation.

At Expert Roofing, we provide a full slate of siding repair and replacement services. You can select from a variety of types and materials for your siding, and each one comes with unique benefits. When you’re interested in siding installation in Crystal Lake, IL, call our company at (877) 766-3341. Our expert roofing staff promises to combine speed and workmanship with premier customer service.

The Benefits Of Residential Siding

Siding Installation

We Also Work with Other Types of Siding, Including Cedar!

You can install siding in several unique materials, such as vinyl, aluminum and cedar. The different siding materials shield your house from storms, and many of them raise the energy efficiency of your house by reflecting the UV rays from the sun. You can install siding in many different colors, but when you want energy efficiency, the pale hues perform best in hotter climates. Are you interested in learning more about your options for siding installation in Crystal Lake, IL? Our roofers are willing to answer all your inquiries and get you set up with a meeting with one of our siding experts!

Do You Need Siding Installation?

Seeing siding damage is not necessarily easy, but there are a handful of symptoms you can look for before serious damage sets in. Pale and distorted panels are a sign that your siding is aged and needs replacement. If your siding panels are warped, your home is in danger of moisture and mold growth. Water spots on your siding are also a symptom that you have moisture built up between the siding. Don’t simply clean away water spots, try to find where the water is dripping from so you can have a repairman solve the problem. The caulking and screws in your siding can also show you if there is damage anywhere. Rusty nails or chipped caulking should be replaced.

Call Expert Roofing at (877) 766-3341 to set up your experienced siding installation in Crystal Lake, IL. We also provide a selection of additional exterior services, including window and gutter replacement!