Innovative Ways to Make Your Home more Efficient

Window Installation

Make Sure Your Windows Are Properly Sealed To Keep Air In.

When you are building an energy efficient home, there are so many different ways that you can change your habits or switch something out. It is very “in” right now to have energy efficient homes. The world is changing and in order to keep up with the times and keep your energy bills low, there are changes that should be made. We will discuss a few energy efficient home ideas so that you can begin to make the changes around your own home. Whether it is something as big as geothermal heating or just changing out the lightbulbs in your home, it is important that if you want your home to be more energy friendly, that you make the small changes. There are things energy efficient home devices that you can get, that will help you create more energy efficient homes or have energy efficient house features. This could mean that you have lights that are on a sensor or can control your thermostat from your phone so that you have the ability to turn it on and off in the middle of the day or when you are out of town.

Energy Efficient Home Improvements

Cool Roofing – There are many premium roofing options that you can choose from that will help you get your home where you want it to be. If you are in need of a new roof, for example, you would want to look at materials that are “cool”. This means that the material would be something light in color. Metal roofing is an excellent option for this because the sun’s UV rays are able to bounce off of the surface and not create heat or absorb any heat into the roof. This will help you lower your energy bill and help to keep your roof lasting longer.

Low E Windows – By putting low E windows in your home, it will stop the sun’s UV rays from coming through and will lower the temperature inside your home. It will also keep the air that is on your home from escaping. This will in turn help you use your heat and air less and lower your use of energy in your home.

Light Bulbs – Changing your light bulbs are a small change that can make a big difference. There are lights that you can buy that will use less energy and still put off the same amount of light. These bulbs can be bought at stores all over and are not hard to find. If you have to buy light bulbs anyway, why not just buy the ones that will help make your home more energy efficient.

Low Flow Shower Heads – Low flow shower heads will use less water than a traditional shower head. These are great because you are using less water in your home and saving water that didn’t need to be used. This will help prevent waste and even be better for your home and the environment.

Metal Roof

Light Colored Metal Roofs Are Considered Cool Roofs.

Common Questions About Energy Efficient Homes

How can I make my house more energy efficient?

Small changes make a big difference. Start lowering your thermostat in the winter and raising the temp in your house in the summer. Unplug things that you aren’t using and turn off your lights when you leave a room. All of these things can help you tremendously over time. If you are looking for bigger changes, switch your roof to a cool roof or even get solar.

How do you make an old house more energy efficient?

You can install a new roof onto it that is a cool roof or even a green roof that can grow plants and put oxygen back into the air. Switch out your light bulbs and make sure all your windows and doors are sealed. There are fixtures that can be changed out like low flow shower heads or even changing out the furnace to something newer will help as well. Older homes tend to stick to the old codes for energy use, unlike newer homes that are being built with energy efficiency in mind. Ask your contractor what they would recommend as well. Sometimes it is just adding more insulation to your walls that will make a world of difference.

What do energy efficient homes have?

Energy efficient homes have a lot of different things. They are all simple changes in an older home or even easier changes if you are having a home built. Add shrubs or trees to the front of your home to help give you shade. Also, make sure that the appliances that you are having installed are meeting the code for energy compliances. Upgrade your windows to low E windows so that the sun’s harmful UV rays can be reflected away.

Benefits Of An Energy Efficient Home

  • Save Money
  • Better For The Environment
  • Peace Of Mind
  • Lower Greenhouse Gas
  • Using Less Water

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