Fascia and Soffit: Telling Them Apart

Here’s two words you never learned in high school: fascia and soffit. They are each protect a unique portion of your roof, but most homeowners don’t know the difference between the two. Here is a quick guide on how to identify your fascia and soffit, plus a couple interesting facts about each part.

Fascia: Gutter Support and More

Fascia and Soffit Underside

Fascia and Soffit Protect Your Home From Pests and Energy Loss.

Your home’s fascia is located on the bottom edge of your roof. Besides serving as the point of connection for your gutter, your fascia seals the gap between the soffit and your rooftop. This protects your home from nasty pests and hot outside air. Keeping your fascia in working order is important. Make sure the gutter system is regularly cleaned out, as this prevents debris and rainwater from spilling over and corroding the side of your roof.

Soffit: the Underappreciated Underside

Your soffit is located on the bottom side of your roof, where it extends beyond your home’s wall. Besides supporting the extremities of your rooftop, your soffit also performs a second valuable function. Here, you’ll find vents that allow your roofing system to exhale hot air caused by solar radiation. When your rooftop absorbs too much sunlight, your soffit works to save your conditioned air by expelling the excess heat. Keeping the vents clean and soffit sturdy will help you prevent additional strain on your HVAC unit.

Now you know your fascia from your soffit! For more information about your fascia and soffit (or any other part of your roofing system), talk to our friendly roofing professionals at (877) 766-3341.