3 Premium Shingles for Upgraded Roof Protection

Upgraded Roof Protection

If You’re Looking for a Stronger, Luxurious Shingle Roof, Consider One of These 3 Styles.

Shingles come with a crisp, clean look that many homeowners love. However, traditional asphalt shingles don’t always provide the enhanced protection that you need. For those who desire more from their roofing, consider one of these three premium shingles for upgraded roof protection.

Premium Shingle #1: Architectural

What’s great about architectural (or laminate) shingles is their blend of style and endurance. These shingles can withstand wind speeds of up to 120 mph. Because of their unique layering process, they also give off a sense of depth that you don’t get with traditional shingles. You can find laminate shingles in a vast array of colors and textures, so your can satisfy your particular design tastes.

Premium Shingle #2: Impact Resistant

Hail damage costs Americans billions of dollars in damages every year. What if you didn’t have to worry about hail anymore (at least for your roof)? With impact resistant shingles, you can be at ease during the next hail storm that plows through your neighborhood. Withstanding strikes of up to 90 mph hour, impact resistant shingles are a wonderful investment for climates with intense weather cycles.

Premium Shingle #3: Wood Shakes

While wood shakes may fall in the high-dollar range, this durable roofing material provides an outstanding natural presentation for your home. It can handle severe weather as well as any roofing system, so you can enjoy your wooden roof for many years to come.

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